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January 24, 2024

Stunning Snoqualmie Falls Elopement Day| Washington State

Hey there adventure couples! November is a magical time, and what better way to celebrate your love than with an elopement surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of Snoqualmie Falls? Imagine the air crisp with the scent of fallen leaves and the gentle roar of Snoqualmie Falls in the background while you say your vows. This is where Nicole and Bo chose to share their vows on their elopement day! Keep reading to find out all about how to elope at Snoqualmie Falls and Gold Creek Pond!

Bride and groom standing next to Snoqualmie Falls on their elopement day in Washington

Getting Ready at the Cabin

The day began in a charming cabin nestled in the woods near Snoqualmie Falls. The cozy atmosphere of the cabin added an extra layer of warmth to the cool autumn morning. Nicole had her makeup done and they finished getting ready together in front of the huge wall of windows. The cabin, surrounded by towering trees and lush ferns, set the perfect stage for the beginning of their elopement journey.

Ceremony at Snoqualmie Falls

As the morning unfolded, we made our way to Snoqualmie Falls, the sound of rushing water growing louder with each step. Your first view of Snoqualmie Falls through the trees is breathtaking! Nicole and Bo exchanged vows against the backdrop of one of Washingtons largest waterfalls. After their ceremony, we continued hiking down to the falls as close as we could get. In total, the hike is around 2 miles roundtrip and is pretty easy if you know where to go!

Sunset at Gold Creek Pond

After the intimate ceremony, the adventurous couple set out for the next chapter of their elopement day – Gold Creek Pond. Arriving at Gold Creek Pond as the sun was setting, Nicole and Bo were greeted by the tranquil waters reflecting the changing colors of the sky. We found the perfect spot to witness the sunset and they shared their first dance as a married couple! It was freezing cold in November so Nicole and Bo spent most of the evening cozied up together with a blanket. Finally, the newly married couple ended their elopement day with lantern photos after the sun went down!

How to Elope at Snoqualmie Falls

Are you thinking of planning a Snoqualmie Falls elopement? As your elopement photographer, I can help you with all of the details of planning an amazing day at Snoqualmie Falls! With two sides of the river where you can reach the waterfall, you get to choose between ease and privacy. One side with the Salish Lodge is very popular with tourists and is easy to get to, but you only get views from the top of the waterfall. The other side belongs to the Snoqualmie Falls Forest Theater and requires a short hike. Lucky for you, I’m already a member with the Snoqualmie Falls Forest Theater and can take guests down to the private side of the waterfall! Nicole and Bo were the only people down there all morning, giving them plenty of privacy to say their vows!

Bride and groom holding lanterns and enjoying the views at Gold Creek Pond after sunset

Your Snoqualmie Falls Elopement Photographer

I love helping you plan a day that’s perfect for you! From giving your personalized recommendations for every part of your elopement to creating a detailed timeline to help you get through the day, I want to make your elopement the best day ever! Whatever you choose to do on your wedding day, I’ll be excited and ready to join you! For more information on eloping in Washington, check out my guide!  Get in touch and let’s start planning your epic elopement at Snoqualmie Falls!

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